Seniors in Action!

Project n. 2020-1-PL01-KA204-082300

Aimed at both the elderly and educational staff working with seniors, this Erasmus+ project is all about Active Ageing.


The overall goal of the project is to develop civic awareness, involvement and socio-educational activity of seniors in order to use their potential, increase participation, and prevent social exclusion of people over 55 years old.


The “Seniors in Action” project partners will carry out:

  • Short mobility trainings for the educational teams of the project partners
  • Special trips for participants of the project aged 55+, for them to participate in activities with seniors and staff of other countries
  • Classes / workshops / educational trainings
First international training in Warsaw, Poland (2021)

During these activities, we will tackle various issues essential to supporting seniors. To name few:

  • Lifelong learning and education,
  • Shaping entrepreneurial attitudes,
  • Engagement in civic matters, including volunteering
  • Overcoming psychological barriers and limitations related to the so-called “Third Age”
International Meeting in Tenerife, December 2022


The result of the project will be:

  • the exchange of experiences between the involved partners and seniors participating in the activities and mobility
  • the improvement of multilateral cooperation in the international environment
  • an increased awareness of the cultural diversity of the partner countries, within the scope of active ageing

The long-term effect of the project will be the organization and implementation of high-quality forms of support for seniors, aimed at reducing the risk of social exclusion of this group of people.


International Meeting, Tenerife, December 2022

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