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EDUPLUS Association promotes the transformation and improvement of the society
through education, culture, ecology and citizen participation.
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12 Projects
48 Partner organizations
514 participants in our training courses
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in a nutshell
  • Education

    Through our diverse projects and training courses, we develop and promote active teaching methodologies and innovative tools for formal, non-formal and informal education.

    Some of the methodologies we use and teach:

  • Citizen participation

    We believe in the power of community. In all our projects, we try to involve the local and international citizens: active participation.

    The best way to make people feel part of something, is to encourage them to actually participate!

  • Ecology & Sustainability

    Sustainable development and ecology are some of our core beliefs.

    Besides the projects and courses directly focused on ecology, all of our actions involve these values. We choose environmental-friendly solutions, we hire sustainable tourism guides, we collaborate directly with eco-farms

    And we always try to raise awareness.

  • Culture

    Promoting the local culture for the foreign actors, opening a door to the international community for the locals.

  • Testimonial
    • ¨I did take a lot from what I learned and experienced in the course into my class practice and surely will continue doing that with my pupils.¨
      Goedele, Course on Working with Disadvantaged Learners, October 2022
    • We are telling everyone about our wonderful experience in Tenerife.  It was just life changing.  I really enjoyed the course, the workshops were very good. The people in Tenerife were friendly…
      Louise from Ireland, course on ESL – April 2022
    • "They are a network of people of goodwill who are really passionate about what they do!"
      Maria B, course on inclusiveness – April 2022
    • "Perfect organization, very professional people running the project. Everything was top-level. The meetings resulted in positive experiences. An opportunity to exchange experiences and to analyze our own system of working."
      Marta, Foster Care – July 2021
    • "I like this teaching style very much - I try to apply it also in my classes. It’s a very good experience which I suppose every teacher should take. I…
      Natalja, English teacher – September 2019
    • 1st day of training: “I’m already thinking of how to apply this in my classroom”
      Erasmus+ training course – May 2021
    hand in hand with our local collaborators