EDUPLUS Association is a non-profit, socio-cultural organization based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

We promote the transformation and improvement of the society through education, culture, ecology and citizen participation. What we do:

  • foster practice-oriented and active teaching methodologies
  • develop Erasmus+ and educational projects
  • organize training courses for teachers and education professionals

“Think global, act local”

Eduplus was born with the idea of a balanced relation between the local and international community. The concept is simple:

Using international projects – mainly at the European level…

to foster socio-cultural development & the exchange of ideas, skills and knowledge…

on both sides: the local actors and the foreign collaborators / course participants.

An insight into our methods

Our team

Anca Dudau 

Trainer of trainers & Project Manager
President and co-founder of EDUPLUS Association

A master in International Communication, Anca has more than 10 years of experience in Erasmus+ programs for Adult Education. She has studied and worked in Spain, Romania and Denmark; and also traveled across South America – getting involved in various local projects.
From the diversity of her experience, she developed great creativity and a strong social entrepreneurial spirit.

Alejandra Goded

Trainer of trainers – Educational Innovation Team

Alejandra is a true ever-learning person. After her Master in Astrophysics, she is now working on a PhD on Innovative Methodologies for Science Teaching (University of La Laguna, Spain).
Besides her job as an astronomer and outreach expert, she is a scientific educator in Planeta Ciencias Association: creating and performing educational activities at schools, community centers, universities and museums.

Pilar López Gómez

Trainer of trainers

Pilar is a multi-specialist trainer: therapeutic theater, corporal expression, vocal techniques, social skills… 30 years of experience with active learning and theater techniques.
She is the founder and manager of the associaion La TRIBU Espacio Creativo.
Besides her dedication to education, she is also a stage director, playwright, actress, and acting coach.

Melissa Hamilton

Looking for a new collaborator!

We’re currently looking for someone to participate in a work exchange with us.

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